Catherine Campbell is housekeeper of the McKittrick Hotel, also known as Mrs. Danvers.

Notable Feature Edit

She wears a black maid uniform with white collar. 


Danvers first appears at Lady Macbeth's party in the ballroom, where she serves drinks. After the ball Danvers covers the clocks in Duncan's quarters. She then prepares the drugged milk for Lady Macduff in the hotel lobby and then tries to offer it to Lady Macduff, while The Porter attempts to stop her.

Danvers then goes to resurrect Duncan in the crypt and dances with him in the Ballroom. Danvers returns to the Lobby to further torment Lady Macduff with the milk. She then obtains a letter addressed to Lady Macbeth from Porter, and delivers it to Lady Macbeth's bedroom.

Danvers visits the Macduff flat and turns the mirrors back around. She returns to Duncan's quarters and cleans up before Duncan enters, and the two engage in a sensual scene together, before Danvers puts Duncan to bed.

Danvers then fights with Macduff around a door which they dance on. Danvers dances on Duncan's bed longingly before resetting his metronome and placing it in a chest. She then rearranges the pillows in Duncan's sleeping tent.

Danvers meets with Lady Macbeth by the piano on the mezzanine where she provides Lady Macbeth with a drug for Duncan's drink. The Ballroom party starts again.

One On OneEdit

As Catherine Campbell is Mrs. Danvers from Rebecca, this 1:1 (much like Agnes Naismith's) is a scene from the film. She takes your hand outside a door on the balcony of the ballroom floor and tells you to wait there. She closes the door and, a minute later, beckons you in. She removes your mask and sits you down. She turns off the lights and lies on a bed next to you. She tells you to listen to the sea and turns out the lights. After a while, she gets up and puts a dress over your head, then gives you a glass of milk. She speaks to you throughout, and all her lines are from Rebecca. When you're done, she puts on your mask and guides you out.

On my encounter she kissed me on the cheek before guiding me out.