The rightful king of Scotland, murdered by Macbeth. Father of Malcolm.

Dancan by Phil Atkins

Notable Feature Edit

Usually appears to be older male. His evening jackets, like his son Malcolm, has a crest.

Plotline Edit


Duncan's suite is a long rectangular room with a small chapel near the bed. The bed is at one end of the room. Then there is a library area with a fireplace. There is a waiting area (couches, chairs, a decanter and drinks) at the other end of the room.

I watched Duncan and Catherine Campbell have some sort of adulterous interaction. I had followed her to his suite when he burst in trailed by a group of people. They do a dance sequence, in which he clearly wants her, but she drugs him and puts him to bed. She does an individual dance sequence showing that she wants him too. She exits at one point, and I decided to wait until he woke up. When Duncan awakes, he prays and does a dance number in the chapel. Then Malcolm enters. He dresses and shaves Duncan; when he shaves him, he jokes he's going to slice his throat. 

Duncan dance with Lady Mackbeth during the ball

When they're done, they go to the sitting area and have a drink. Banquo comes in and joins them, they are joyous to see him. All dressed in black tie, the three of them then lead us to the dancing/ballroom scene.