The leading character. Married to Lady Macbeth. His narrative is loosely based on Shakespeare's Macbeth, with major simplification and adaption to fit the form of Sleep No More.

Macbeth by Eric Jackson Bradley


Walking down from the Banquet table, Macbeth rushing to hotel lobby, murders Lady Macduff. After struggle in the woods, he goes up to the garret, find Banquo by the Madonna Statue. They hug each other passionately and head up to hotel luggage room, cleaning up together. Macbeth then walk to hotel lobby, where three witches await. The witches deliver him the first prophecy.

Macbeth arrives at his bedroom, where Lady Macbeth waits for him with the letters about the prophecy. They have a fight, end with Lady Macbeth going to the ball alone, and Macbeth stumbling to graveyard. Sometime during the ball, Macbeth appears on the Mezzanine, looking down to the dancing party. He goes back to his bedroom, waiting for Lady Macbeth. Their struggles continues. Finally Macbeth storm out and find Duncan asleep under canopy. Macbeth kills Duncan, then returns to his room where Lady Macbeth bathes him, trying to remove the blood on his hands. 

Macbeth goes up to Gallow Green, enter Hecate's replica bar, where three witches rave vehemently. After receiving his second prophecy, Macbeth kills Banquo at the speakeasy, then heads to the Banquet.