MacDuff vs Danvers/Catherine Campbell

Thane of Fife. Macbeth's antagonist in Shakespear's play. Married to Lady Macduff


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Macduff dances with Sexy Witch in the candy shop, and she feeds him candies. After he leaves, he begins to stagger down the street, choking and spitting pieces of candy onto the ground.


Macduff meets Lady Macduff at their apartment. They have some interaction on top of a bookshelf, then move to a few other rooms in the apartment.


Macduff finds Lady Macduff dead in the hotel lobby.


Macduff and Malcom go to a tiny room with a lamp hanging from the ceiling. There the "interrogatory" scene happens, where where they challenge and question each other.

At the end, they go together to a nearby room, where they open a drawer with a map and some trees. They plan the attack to Macbeth and leave.