Prince and rightful heir of Scotland, Duncan's son; also a detective of Mac Crinain and Reid Agency on Gallow Green. He hunts for clues to the seemingly supernatural mysteries of Gallow Green.

Malcolm by Adam Griffith

Notable Features Edit

During the dancing/ballroom scene, Malcolm has a crest on his evening jacket. He dances with Boy Witch, and they are the only both-male dancing pair.


Malcolm heads up to Gallow Green, after pushing trees back to dancing ball floor. On the high street of Gallow Green, he bows to Sexy witch, then chase a shadow of speakeasy bartender. The bartender easily fled, leaving Malcolm a crime scene photo. Malcolm then enters Agnes's room, after a thorough search, he finds a razor in locked box. He walks across street into the office of Detective agency, sit down and begin to type down ominous clues on a typewriter.

Leaving the detective office, Malcolm walks down to Duncan's study. He use the razor to shave for an uneasy Duncan. The tension between father and son builds up, until Duncan almost falls over chair when Malcolm getting close to his throat. They burst into laugh afterwards, as if it's a joke. Malcolm continues to help Duncan groom, until Banquo joins them. They head down to dancing ball together.

Malcolm dance with boy witch, but the latter jinxes him at the end of the ball. A panic Malcolm runs up to his Detective office, grabs the antidote in darkroom. He then heard the fumbling noise of Agnes in the outer office. He questions and searches Agnes, but then these two fell into a spell-induced flirtation. After which, Malcolm bid farewell to Agnes on high street.

Heard the bell tolls, Malcolm suddenly realize what happened. He rush down to the canopied pillow bed on floor, only to find Duncan's dead body. Banquo and Macduff witness the tragedy with him. The three men then carry Duncan down to the crypt. They begin to suspect and accuse each other shortly after.

All three men run to Gallow Green, meeting in the speakeasy. They sit down, still distrusting each other, play a mysterious card game. However, the game is interrupt by a half-maniac Macbeth. Malcolm flees through the maze to High Street, followed closely by Macduff. They then interrogate one another in a small dark room, searching witches' marks on each other. Suddenly, they found a small model tree during their fight, possibly symbolizing the Birnam wood. These two men reach an agreement eventually. They enters detective office, discussing their strategies, then head down to the Banquet together.

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