An isolated seer. Former matron of the King James Sanitorium. Wears a white and light blue vintage nurse uniform. Stays in the hut for most of the show.


Nurse Shaw and Matron have a dancing scene. Matron opens a window with strong backlighting and sees Nurse Shaw. She comes out and they do a dance sequence running through the maze. Nurse Shaw escapes and Matron looks on sadly as Nurse dances on the window sill. Matron walks back dejected and alone.  

After a while Matron grabs a piece of chalk and makes her way to the pillar. There she writes usually "Who must hang them? Why the honest men." though ocassionally she'll write other quotes that are also from Macbeth. She then faints and Nurse Shaw finds her. Nurse helps Matron up and they walk back to the hut. Matron invites Nurse in and she checks Nurse's mouth with a spoon. Matron brushes Nurse's hair as Nurse begins to nod off. Matron holds Nurse like a baby and rocks her on her rocking chair, but rocks too hard knocking back into the wall. This scares Nurse and she runs away.  

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