SleepNoMore Sets
The McKittrick hotel is where the entire action takes place. Its name is the same as the hotel in Hitchcok's movie Vertigo.

There is a whole article on the New York Times about the set: Punchdrunk Transforms Chelsea Warehouses for 'Sleep No More'

They have a very informative gallery with audio commentary about the set: Something Wicked .

You can also find numerous photos of the set here: (the story seems to be fake though)



  • Ballroom
  • Crypt
  • Chapel

First FloorEdit

  • Duncan's Study
  • Duncan's bedroom
  • Duncan's Chapel
  • Mezzanine
  • Banquo/Danvers 1:1 Room

Second FloorEdit

  • Hotel Lobby
  • Dining Room
  • Manderley Bar
  • Bathrooms (off hotel lobby, to the left of the check-in desk)
  • Porter's Lost Items
  • Lost Luggage
  • Porter's Office (locked if Porter is doing a one-on-one)

Macbeth and Lady Macbeth in their bedroom

Third FloorEdit

  • Macbeth's bedroom
  • Crumbled courtyard
  • Cemetery
  • Macduff's apartment

Fourth FloorEdit

Gallow Green Street

The street of Gallow Green

Little town known as Gallow Green.
  • Speakeasy
  • The "Paisley Sweets" Candy store
  • Taxidermist office
  • Hecate's replica of the Manderley Bar (also know as the "orgy room")
  • Malcom's Detective Agency
  • Tailor's Shop
  • Boy Witch's bathroom (usually locked except immediately following orgy)
  • Interrogation room with hanging light (off hallway leading to orgy room)
  • Bird Graveyard
  • Funeral Parlor
  • Rebecca's Parlor
  • 2nd Mrs. Dewinter's Bedroom (behind door in Parlor, not always open)
  • Narnia closet (in the second Mrs. Dewinter's bedroom) with one-way door leading to back of funeral parlor/morgue.
  • Hecate's Apothecary - Herb Room

Fifth FloorEdit

  • The King James Sanitorium
  • The forest, which includes the Matron's hut
  • Bed Ward
  • Bath Ward
  • Nurse's Office
  • Birch Maze
  • Hospital Chapel
  • Padded Room
  • Autopsy Room
  • Bathrooms (down long hallway)
  • Keycard Room

Sixth FloorEdit

Forbidden access. Only a few guest can be lead up to 6th floor by characters.