Location Edit

Ball room, dancing floor.

Ball room dancing

Characters in the Scene Edit

The dancing characters are: Lady Macbeth; Duncan; Malcolm; Banquo; Macduff couple; Sexy Witch; Boy Witch; Bald Witch.

Danvers serves on the ball. Macbeth can be found on Mezzanine, looking down angrily to the ball.

Description Edit

Lady Macbeth arrive on the dancing floor, three witches come out from their hidden corner greeting her. Other characters enter the ballroom. Macbeth looks down from mezzanine, staring the dancing party guest, especially his wife. After some mingling and flirting, they hail King Duncan, hoisting him up on shoulders. At some time during the party, sexy witch distract Macduff away from his wife. Lady Macduff drinks poisoned milk served by Catherine Campbell, fall on ground but nobody seems to notice that.

The characters begins to dance in pairs: Lady Macduff and Duncan; Boy Witch and Malcolm; Banquo and Bald Witch; Macduff and Sexy Witch. Closing to the end of the ball, Lady MacBeth and Duncan leave the scene early.

At the end of the ball, Boy Witch jinxed Malcolm, the latter running to Gallow Green. Boy witch and Sexy witch left to hotel buiding together, while Bald witch stays and begins her transformation.