Location Edit

Ball room, Banquet table.

Characters in the scene Edit

As the picture shows, the characters sitting along the table from left to right:


Macbeth; Lady Macduff; Macduff; Sexy Witch; Malcolm; Duncan; Bald Witch; Banquo; Boy Witch; Lady Macbeth.

Description Edit

After most of characters settle down on their seats, the Macbeth couple arrive at the scene. Characters gradually figure out what happens to them, starting to react to each other under witches' spell. Banquo is the last one arrive, appearing in the form of bloody spectre.

After other characters left, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth reunite in the middle of table. Suddenly Macbeth abandons Lady Macbeth, left the ballroom and proceed to hotel lobby. Lady Macbeth struggles down to ball room floor.